Types of Judo Uniforms

In the Judo industry, you can choose many different types of Judo uniforms. As Beginner your judo sensei will offer or suggest you purchase a basic Single weave judo uniform. Historically most traditional Kodokan judo schools use the Traditional Unbleached single weave judo gi. Over the last 15-25 years many Judo dojos are now using the Bleach white and solid Blue judo gi's. Makes no difference is quality. The reason for the Blue judo gi is for tournament reasons. One competitor will wear the white uniform and other will wear blue. This makes it a lot easier for the referee and judges to score correctly.

Differences in Brands of Judo gi's is a different story. Their are plenty of great quality single weave judo uniforms out there. The single weaves I had good experience with are the Mizuno Single Weave Judo gi and The Ronin Brand Bleach White judo uniform. I always used a single weave until I got to green belt level in a junior division. There are plenty of other good quality brands; however those are the two I have had great experience with. Another nice looking single weave judo gi is the Century Deluxe Single weave judo uniform. I have never worked out with it, but I did try it on and examined the workmanship. It's a bit more on the pricey side for a single weave judo uniform; however the workmanship in this judo gi is good. It was also helped designed by Mike Swain (Former U.S. Judo Champion). Century Fitness and Swain did not lose on this uniform.

Now usually when a judo practioner has a few colored belt ranks into it and is now competing in judo tournaments, he/she will want to step up a double weave judo uniform. What is a double weave judo gi ? Well the name says it all. It's a thicker & heavier gi because it is stitched with two weaves of cotton.

This is where the fun starts for a true Judo competitor. Finding the perfect double weave competition judo gi is not easy. It sometimes can take trail and error. It can also be costly. These uniforms tend to cost about 50-150% more than your ordinary single weave gi. Well the good ones do. Your probably asking now which double weave judo uniforms is the best.

Well that answer is can only be an opinion. Reason why is because everyone’s body is different. One may say that he swears that the Kasakura judo gi's from Japan are the best and you may have someone else saying that Mizuno judo uniforms are the greatest. However, I can tell you that when it comes to the best selling brand name double weave Judo uniform in the industry, it's hands down the MIZUNO JUDO GI'S !!. We have been selling Mizuno judo gi's for over 4 years. They have a nice line of double weave judo uniforms. Their most high end & expensive Double weaves are the Mizuno Yawara, Mizuno Supreme, & Mizuno Signature gi. These three judo gi's are manufactured in Japan. They are most expensive Mizuno's not best selling !! The best selling Mizuno gi on the planet is the Mizuno Eurocomp. This uniform has been very popular with all judo competitors as well with Brazilian Jui-jitsu practioners. You can go to all the judo and jujitsu message boards out there and you can read about the Eurocomp. On how everyone love it and how hard it is to get sometimes. This judo uniform fits like a glove on your body. Their is no wasted material for the opponent to grab and it's Pre-shrunk. The Eurocomp is designed for the modern day Judo competitor. The skirt of the jacket hangs around the groin area. The pants are very soft and durable. I would have to say that the Blue Mizuno Eurocomp sells better. Another great double weave Mizuno uniform is the Ichiban. This has a more old school traditional judo cut. The jacket is a bit longer than the Eurocomp and still will wear contour to the body. This uniform is 100% cotton and will shrink !! As opposed to the Pre-shrunk Eurocomp.

The double weave judo gi's above mentioned are more for the modern day High end judo competitor. They are not inexpensive gi's. Their are other good judo brands that make good quality double weaves. Some that I can recommend are the following: Fuji, which happens to be a sister company of Mizuno. Fuji is distributed by Hatashita sports and can be purchased from Kinji San Martial Arts Supplies in Brooklyn, NY. Fuji makes a very nice comfortable double weave that not too heavy and not pricey. You can pick up a blue or white Fuji for under $90. Another good high quality judo double weave is the Ronin Brand Bleach white gi. This gi is probably one of the heaviest and thickest double weave judo gi's on the market. It's comfortable because it has brushed cotton throughout the whole inside on the jacket. It also has a 2" wide split back down the middle of the jacket. I would compare this Ronin double weave to the Mizuno Ichiban in terms of sut and sizing. The weight of the Ronin double weave is the same as the Danrho Nippon Olympic Elite judo gi. They both have an 1100 gram weight cloth. That cloth weight happens to be the heaviest & thickest judo cloth in the industry. Danrho other double weave which is the Nippon No.1 is 900 grams but still feels like similiar weight to the Nippon Elite & Ronin deluxe double weave. Danrho is a company based out of Germany that has been producing ultra high end judo kimonos for over 35 years. Another high quality double weave is the Century S-Class Double Weave Judo Uniform. Designed with Mike Swain. This judo gi is a blend of the Mizuno Eurocomp and the Ronin double weave. Century made a very good quality uniform, however it's just priced too high. For the big dollars spent you might as well get a Mizuno Eurocomp. I would say that the Ronin Brand double weave & Mizuno Eurocomp would have the edge on this uniform.

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