Ronin Brand Cotton Shin & Instep Guard - Pair

Ronin Brand Cotton Shin & Instep Guard - Pair

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Ronin Brand Cotton Shin and Instep Guard

If you’re in a martial art that requires that you use your legs, shin, and instep a lot, you probably have sore shins frequently. MMA is one of the more popular sports in today’s martial arts world and requires a lot of shin and knee contact, but almost all martial arts require that you use your foot, shin, and instep for both attack and defense. The Ronin Brand Cotton Shin and Instep Guard is designed to help you avoid breaking or seriously injuring your shin, foot, and instep when you are practicing or sparring.

This shin and instep guard is made using 100% cotton, making it one of the most comfortable shin & instep guards on the market. The padded foam inside of these shin guard are sturdy and designed to hold up even under the most rigorous of abuse, no matter whether you’re kicking a heavy bag or sparring with a partner. Make sure that you use other protective gear on your body such as a groin cup & mouth guard when you’re sparring, not just on your shins.

These shin & instep guards are available in a range of sizes, from child sized to the adult small, medium, large, and extra large.

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