Ronin Brand Cotton Hand Protector - Pair
Ronin Brand Cotton Hand Protector - Pair

Ronin Brand Cotton Hand Protector - Pair

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Ronin Brand Cotton Hand Protector

On average, thousands of hand injuries occur not when a martial artist is in the middle of a sparring match, but rather when they are working on the heavy bag or hitting other practice surfaces. The hand is a very fragile object and any heavy use on it requires the right protection; one that not only keeps your fingers and knuckles protected but that also is soft enough to allow your hand to move around the way that it needs to be able to.

The Ronin Brand Cotton hand protector comes from a company that has made an impressive name for itself in the martial arts world. It is made using 100% cotton and has protection in all the right places, including directly over the knuckles. The hand protectors are extremely light but are stitched together using strong thread, guaranteeing that they will last no matter what you have to put them through. These hand protectors are perfect for full contact Karate training as well as light sparring. Many Kyokushin Kai dojos throughout the world use these cotton knuckle protectors. Some karate organizations are now using these hand pads over the Dip foam sparring gloves.

They are available in a variety of sizes, from child size to Adult medium and large.

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