NunchakuThe Nunchaku

The nunchaku is a weapon used in Okinawan Kobudo. Under Japanese rule in the early 17th century the people of Okinawa were not allowed to own weapons. In response, the people learned empty fist fighting and created weapons out of household implements. Fighting arts revolving around a staff (bo), the handle of a millstone (tonfa), a sickle (kama) developed. The bit used for horses was two sticks tied together with a string. That simple device became the weapon we now call nunchucks.

Nunchucks can come in a variety of sizes, but for adults this most common lengths are 12" and 14" and the most common diameter is 1" with either rounded or octagonal sticks.

What type of Nunchuck is right for me? For beginners: For those just starting out with the nunchuck, padded styles are often preferred. In addition to reducing the force of many impacts, the padded surface is also easier to grip. Many padded nunchucks are also lighter than their wooden counterparts.