Here is our Karate uniform section. These are the high quality brands that we sell. You can click on each icon and it will take you to an assortment of uniforms that the brand offers.

We have very nice beginner uniforms offered by Century, Proforce, & Ronin brand as well as Advanced High End uniforms by Shureido, Tokaido, & Toyo. We also have nice sport level karate uniforms by Adidas and Tokon.

Lightweight karate uniforms - Most affordable uniform for karate. The Keep you cool during training. These types of uniforms are Great for beginners of karate

Middle weight karate Uniform - These uniforms are a step up from the light weight. Very comfortable and more durable. Great for working out in warm/hot weather.

Heavy Weight karate Uniform - The master's or competitors choice of uniform. They offer great appearance for the practioner. Creates a clear snap on well executed punches and kicks. Come is Duck canvas or brushed canvas.