KamaThe Kama

Originating in Okinawa as small harvesting sickles, the Kama has since been adapted as a weapon whose use is taught in many mainstream martial arts. What is the Kama used for? The kama is often taught in schools to help students develop a feel for bladed weapons, and to develop two handed coordination as well as increase reflexes and speed. What Kama is right for me?

With such a wide variety of Kamas available it is important to find one suited to your needs.

For demonstration For demonstration, lightweight Kamas with shorter handles are preferred. Often, blades for competition are vented with large circular holes to further reduce weight and increase the speed of the Kama. Handles are also planed, or shaved down slightly in the direction of the blade, and like tapering; this increases the aerodynamic efficiency of the weapon, making it cut through the air more quickly.