Bo staff

Bo staffThe bo staff is used in several martial arts and is essentially a long piece of well polished wood, resembling a pole.

What length bo staff do I need? The bo staff is traditionally 6' long. Most modern bo practitioners use a bo a few inches longer or shorter than they are. A longer bo extends your reach, while a shorter bo is easier to manage.

How wide a bo staff do I need?

You should be able to make a solid fist gripping the bo at its widest point. Tapered vs. straight is more a decision about weight vs. strength than a grip size issue.

Which bo staff is right for me?

That depends on what you are using it for.

For Demonstration: For Demos you want as light a bo as possible, allowing you greater speed and control and preferably a bo with flash. G-Force makes the lightest bo's and the Chrome Demonstration Bo Staff and the individually designed Multilens Demonstration Bo Staff are flashy and very slick. For demonstration with ground strikes or if you are looking for a multi-purpose bo the White Wax Tapered Bo Staff and the Youth White Wax Tapered Bo are flexible and light, as is the more affordable Rattan Bo.

For Combat Training: Accidental combat during bo training hurts and unintentionally hard strikes can result in broken ribs and other serious injuries. Softer woods such as White Wax and Rattan are preferable to Oak or Hardwood staffs and the foam covering of the Rubber Foam Bo can reduce the force of the impact. The only bo designed for combat sparring is the full-speed, full-force ActionFlex Bo Staff and we strongly recommend it if you anticipate bo strikes to you or your partner.