Escrima Sticks

Escrima SticksEscrima Sticks, used in a variety of Filipino martial arts such as Kali and Arnis, are traditionally crafted from the rattan vine. They can be made to a variety of lengths, though the standard size is 26" to 28".

What size Escrima Stick do I need?

With so many different varieties of martial arts that use Escrima Sticks, there really isn't an answer to this question, however, the most Escrima sticks are between 26" and 28" long with a diameter of 1" to 1 1/4". A good thing to do would be to ask your instructor exactly what length he considers appropriate for his class, or if you have been practicing with Escrima sticks, go with what you are comfortable using.

For demonstration lighter weight sticks are preferred. Some martial artists choose sticks with designs or reflective material on them, adding flash to their performance.